Attention Living Social Purchasers!

As of 7:30am this morning (At the time of writing this post), 43 vouchers have been purchased.

My advice to you is to call 206-686-3130 as soon as possible to get on my calendar!  I am photographing in the Arboretum for the next two weekends and into November weather permitting.  It would be so sad if you miss the very best part of our year, by just not calling in time...

Thank you so much all of you for your interest in my business....



Ginny Commins  commented on  October 21st, 2010

Do you photograph animals? I have an 11 year old black lab I would like to be photographed with. Heard about you from Living Social $49 special. Thanks!

dayna  commented on  October 21st, 2010

Once we purchase the voucher how soon do we have to use it? I'd like to give it as a gift to an expectant mom. She probably won't be ready to use it until this Spring. Would that be okay? Thanks, Dayna

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