Thinking about purchasing my internet deal?? Read this!


Hi!  i am so glad that you came to my website for more information on me!

I have been in business for about 18 years and love what I do more than anything else in the world!  That is most likely why I did this crazy internet deal, to keep myself working with new people all of the time!   I can't wait to meet you!

Once you purchase the voucher, I want you to give me a call so we can get your consultation on the calendar.  Once we get that part booked, we will talk a little about what you want to do over the phone, but save most of it for the preportrait consultation.  Not all photographers offer this meeting.  I feel it is vital for us to meet once before we work together.   It will put us both at ease and hopefully answer all of the questions you may have about photography in general and about what to wear for the portrait and where you are going to display it, etc.  This meeting will allow us to create the best family portrait you have ever had!

The nitty griity....8x10's are $95, 5x7's are $85.00 and wallets are $60.00.  You are under no obligation to spend any more than this, but  I do offer many different sizes and shapes of photographs in addition to this, and we can discuss wall portraits as well as gallery wraps and collages when we are in person and you can see the actual pieces up on my walls.

All the best, I am really looking forward to meeting you!



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