High School Senior Models Wanted!

Only 15 High School seniors will be admitted into this program and 2 per high School.

This is a legitimate search for models and NOT a scam.  My name is Jill Labberton.  I own and operate a photo studio in Redmond, WA, and am currently looking to grow my high School senior business.  That is why this offer exists.  My website is:  www.jilllabberton.com You can view more of my work there.

Your High School Senior should be graduating with the Class of 2011, and should be popular among his or her group of friends.  I do not care whether they are into sports or arts!

This offer is good up until June 5th and we will need to photograph your child no later than June 15th.

Your child will receive a complimentary senior session with me, and a book to distribute among their friends to bring in business for me.  They will earn $25.00 in photo credit and $10.00 cash for each client that books their session through me.

You will also receive a COMPLIMENTARY FAMILY PHOTO Session for being part of this program.

They will also be in a contest among each other to win a Limo for the 2011 Prom!  The person to being in the most people to me will not only win the most towards their photos but also the most money and the limo the night of the prom!

Call me at 206-686-3130 to become one of the 15 reps I am accepting for the 2011 school year.  You may also email me at jill@jilllabberton.com




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